Prudent Trust offers a range of investment, real estate management and trust services to suit our client’s needs. We specialize in providing world class services to high net worth individuals, corporate entities, small/medium business owners and families through personalized, tailored and integrated package to Global Financial Solutions. Our commitment is to offer distinguished and personalized investment and trust services to meet our client’s needs. We Listen. We leverage our market knowledge. We think creatively and strategically. We use our comprehensive wealth and real estate expertise to deliver the results our clients expect.
The benefits you enjoy are:

  • Convenience and Peace of Mind dealing with a reputable firm taking full responsibility for all your investment and property management needs with focus on guaranteed high returns
  • Dedicated personal service from one of our Portfolio Managers ensuring you receive personalised service delivery as well as regular reporting on your investments and / or properties
  • Depth of Investment,  Property management, Business and Trust service expertise with more than 30 years of combined experience of our management team

Our wealth management service is private, and we sign on clients strictly by referral. We understand that meaningful and prudent wealth management requires discreet approach on preserving and growing the wealth you created. Our clients are assured the utmost security and guaranteed the best returns on their investments, that is why we have partnered with top reputable financial institutions.

With over 30 years of combined successful hands –on business and trust experience, we specialise in the areas of Finance, Outsourcing & Recruitment Solutions, Marketing, Business Planning, Meeting & Conference Planning, Market Research and Escrow.
Our Business Advisory Approach:

  • Initial Evaluation Meeting
  • Plan of Attack Report
  • Software Installation, Setup & Training
  • On-going support programs based on client’s needs

Business Benefits to You:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Increase your Income
  • Lower your Expenses
  • Budget & Project for the Future
  • Improve Business Efficiency


  • Book Keeping
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Start-up Installation & Setup Training
  • Problem Solving

Outsourcing & Recruitment Solutions

  • We offer Outsourcing & Recruitment Services for all employee categories on a strategic relationship basis.


  • Marketing Planning – new and existing plan development and implementation. Promotional Marketing Campaigns

Business Planning, Meeting / Conference Planning & Market Research

  • We Come to Your Business -  Onsite one-on-one consultation and training
  • Business and Financial Management – Budgeting, Financial Projections, Contract Negotiations, Problem Solving, Employee Manuals
  • Business Planning and Market Research – Surveys, Mystery Shopping Exercise, Focus Groups, new and existing plan development and implementation.
  • Organise & Co-ordinate meetings & conferences.

What is an Escrow?
Escrow is a legal arrangement in which an asset is deposited into safekeeping (e.g. a bank account) under the trust of a neutral third party (escrow agent) pending satisfaction of contractual contingency or condition. Once the condition has been met, the escrow agent will deliver the asset to the party as prescribed in the contract.
How does an escrow agent work?
In order to safeguard the transaction, a special purpose vehicle set up and managed by Prudent Trust is used to act as escrow agent.
Benefits of using an escrow agent:

  • Independent third party
  • Tailor Made
  • Safe as legally possible from attachments
  • Attractive alternative for a letter of credit or bank guarantee.